Honda Grom with FINBRO Big Bore Kit 183cc Ride in Washing D.C. / Arlington

Honda Grom with FINBRO Big Bore Kit 183cc Ride in Washing D.C. / Arlington

0:00 – Walk around
1:26 +5 HP sticker
1:32 – Start in Clarendon
3:42 – The popular bar area / Clarendon Metro
6:07 – Amazon HQ2 construction on right
6:58 – Acceleration test 1
8:30 – National Mall is 500 meters ahead
8:59 – Acceleration test 2
9:57 – Amazon HQ2 straight ahead
10:23 – Pentagon on right
13:01 – Ft Myers Base on right
13:24 – Court House straight ahead

First motorcycle video I created. I have owned 102 motorcycles since 2000 and will start doing videos of future acquisitions. This ride around was in Clarendon (most popular area in Arlington, Virginia, if not the state) and to Washington D.C., over the 14th St bridge. I purchased this modified Honda Grom from the original owner who did all the work. Great bike but when I ran it in winter, I noticed some oil leaking from the crankcase vent hose and it had a higher idle some times. In hindsight, I should have got the ARacer phone App and changed settings. I rode it again on this day, which was 80 degrees, and it seemed fine, which means it was probably tuned in the summer. Did a couple hours of research and learned many people have the same or other issues, as expected from modifying engines. Since I owned 8 motorcycles at the time (May 2021), including a Grom with a stock 125cc, and want to use stock exhausts for environmental and sound reasons, decided to sell this. Buyer is a rider in Baltimore, who I hope to ride with him and his crew one day.

Most people ask what is 0-60. Original builder changed sprocket so speedo is slightly off. I think based on my Grom 125cc, when it hits max revs in 4th gear, that is about 60, takes about 15 seconds.

-Finbro 183cc BBK with upgraded clutch
-ARacer ECU and Autotune
-Hard Racing Engine Support Brace
-Takewaga oil pump
-Leo Vince Slip On
-Chimera Header
-LED Turn Signals
-MNNTHBX Fender Elim + Lighting Kit
-Ebay Levers
-Sprockets installed 15/34 and stock sprockets