2012 Suzuki GSX-R600

2012 Suzuki GSX-R600

When you’re in the market for a bike that comes with a world-class racing pedigree, you can’t do a whole lot better than the Suzuki GSX-R600. As a bike that has blazed its way to the AMA Pro Daytona SportBike Championship and the overall AMA Pro SuperSport Championship, the GSX-R600 is truly in a class all its own.
Compact and powerful, the GSX-R600 is a clear demonstration of Suzuki’s highly-advanced and race-proven technology of the GSX-R line. The crown jewel of the bike is its 599cc, 4-cyclinder engine, that comes with a race-proven oversquare bore/stroke ratio engineered for an exceptional high-revving performance. It’s got shot-peened con rods, a chrome-nitride-coated upper compression and oil control rings, and pentagonal ventilation holes that ensure the bike has the kind of efficient performance befitting its name and stature in the industry. The GSX-R600 also has new camshaft profiles that feature an aggressive valve-lift curve and a 4-into-1 stainless-steel exhaust system with a titanium muffler, maximizing torque and improving throttle response, especially in the low-to-mid RPM range. The whole engine technology, particularly the Suzuki Dual Throtle Valve System, gives the rider free reign to enjoy the insanely powerful characteristics of the GSX-R600.
Handling is also a prime trait of the GSX-R600, thanks in large part to a race-developed, lightweight Showa Big Piston front-Fork that delivers superior feedback and consistent performance. Likewise, a single Showa rear shock features externally adjustable rebound and compression damping, along with adjustable ride height, making for a bike that truly has the whole package – and then some.
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