All New 2021 Honda PCX 160 Vs Yamaha ZUMA 125 2021

All New 2021 Honda PCX 160 Vs Yamaha ZUMA 125 2021

Japanese motorcycle manufacturers really know how to make practical and economical small-capacity scooters, and Yamaha has outdone itself with the Zuma 125—A.K.A the BWs 125 in Canada. This small commuting machine returns as part of the 2021 Yamaha line-up, bringing economical mobility to the masses. If you’re in need of something small and spritely, with enough power to make light work of city traffic, then the Zuma/BWs is the scooter for you.
The Zuma draws power from one of the smallest engines in the Yamaha range. It’s a 125 cc four-stroke unit that produces around 8 horsepower. It might not look like a big figure, but it’s more than enough for city riding. Plus, what it lacks in power, it makes up for in economy, achieving up to 103 mpg, according to Yamaha.
There’s more to the Zuma 125 than a compact engine: it’s also surprisingly comfortable, responsive, and agile. This is largely down to the Zuma’s light steel tube frame, telescopic forks, and comfortable ergonomics. For 2021, the Zuma/BSw features a refreshed design with modern rugged bodywork, LCD instrumentation, and impressive under-seat storage space too.
For 2021, the Zuma 125, or BWs 125, is available in Ultramarine Blue or Matte Black.
The 2021 Yamaha Zuma 125 starts from $3,599 USD

In recent years, the premium scooter segment has been one of the best performers in the sales charts. While the PCX has certainly sold well, keeping the same body styling for an extended period poses a big challenge for this popular city ride to keep up with its competition.
The PCX160 is loved by scooter fans for its sharp yet classy overall styling, and now features a new LED headlight and taillight, along with redesigned alloy wheels. Honda’s designers even came up with new color schemes (Pearl Fadeless White and Asteroid Black Metallic for the ABS variant, and Matte Dim Gray Metallic and Pearl Fadelesss White for the CBS) that make the PCX160 more dignified-looking.

All New 2021 Honda PCX 160 Vs Yamaha ZUMA 125 2021
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