(E35) Back in CT, cruising whitey and Minitruck. Motoriders new Grom. Happy 4th

(E35) Back in CT, cruising whitey and Minitruck. Motoriders new Grom. Happy 4th

Back north again, rode the hellcat tao tao around the back roads with Motorider on his new Honda Grom, took the Minitruck out to pick up some cold cuts, wow, expensive! $110

I have a total of $2073 invested in this ZS190cc conversion Motorcycle. (at time of build)
Mini CB Radio Mobile 40-Channel:
$1060 Hellcat 125cc new (at time of purchase) MOTOCHEEZ discount during checkout.
$700 Zongshen 190cc engine (from Dave)
$100 Shinko Offroad DOT Grom tire set:
$7 Iridium spar plug:
$100 Grom full performance exhaust SS and Aluminum:
$60 OKO 30mm flat slide carb: From Dave
$18 #25 Heavy duty starter chain:
$3 Corner Brackets for oil cooler:
$15 Frame bolts ( Grade 8) ( Grade 5)
$10 Grom rear brake line:

heat shrink solder connectors:
12.5′ telescoping ladder
8.5′ telescoping ladder:
15” trailer tires:
My Zoan Helmet:
Replacement Hellcat battery:
GoPro 7
10000ma Battery pack:

ZS190cc TIMES: 7 second 0-50 mph and 10 second 0-60 mph
125cc bike (55 mph after tune), suspension is nice, braking is good. 0-50 mph in 19 seconds (125cc)
The ZS190 engine swap takes 3 to 4 hours if you take your time.
Contact Dave Bullock in the “ZS190 swap” facebook group for this motor.
Follow “parkers Garage” on facebook for other Z190 videos.
the HellCougar:
Alpena 71015 Cycle Fire Motorcycle Auxiliary Driving LED’s.
Either Iridium spar plug:
Either Grom full performance exhaust SS and Aluminum:
ZS190 OKO 30mm flat slide carb:
ZS190 Heavy duty starter chain:
ZS190 Corner Brackets for oil cooler:
My new Leather Kevlar gloves:
125cc Adjustable intake:
125cc Nibi 26mm carb:
125cc Mikuni 26mm carb
intake adapter swing plate:
Frame Bolts ( Grade 8) ( Grade 5)
ZS190 oil filters:
Shinko Offroad DOT Grom tire set:

I get my bikes from Txpowersports.com use MOTOCHEEZ at checkout for a discount
I think it would be an awesome around town or city bike. Just like the clone it is not very fast (untile the ZS190 swap)
Available in Red, White and Blue
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.5 Gallons (5.5 L)
Top Speed: 54 mph (After Mods) (80mph with ZS190)
Horsepower: 8ish stock 125cc, 18hp ZS190
Spark Plug Type /
Gap: A7RTC / 0.6~0.7 mm
Battery: 12V 7Ah (Included)
Front Brakes: Hydraulic Disc (Hand)
Rear Brakes: Hydraulic Disc (Foot)
Front Rim: 2.75 x 12 Alloy rim
Front Tires: 120 / 70 – 12
Rear Rim: 3.5 x 12 Alloy rim Rear
Tires: 120 / 70 – 12
Front Suspension: Dual inverted forks
Rear Suspension: Single shock absorber
Ground Clearance: 7 Inches (110 mm)
Seat Height: 30 Inches (760 mm)
Wheelbase: 49 Inches (1250 mm)
Overall Dimension:
70 x 30 x 39 Inches (1790 x 750 x 995 mm)
Carton Dimension: 64 x 22 x 32 Inches (1620 x 565 x 810 mm)
N.W.: 207 LBS (94 Kgs)
Watch us Unbox, assemble and review this bike with my opinions on it along the way, good and bad. I make these videos so you know what to expect when you purchase one of these Chinese bikes, I keep it 100% honest with what I find. Assembly is about 1 hour.
Go to www.motocheez.com for most up to date discounted links.
Recorded with Gopro 7 and Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra 5g
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