I bought a 2022 Honda Grom SP! …at the World’s Largest Honda Powersports Dealer!

I bought a 2022 Honda Grom SP! …at the World's Largest Honda Powersports Dealer!

I finally got to pick up my 2022 Honda Grom 125 SP! Looking for a 2022 Honda Grom Review / Specs + New Changes Explained? Check out | Thanks again to the entire crew over at Southern Honda Powersports in Chattanooga, TN for helping bring this all together! Check them out over at and see if they can save you some money as they don’t charge dealer fees or play any of those games like some motorcycle dealers!

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2022 Honda Grom 125 Review / Specs + New Changes Explained: ttps://www.hondaprokevin.com/2022-honda-grom-125-review-specs-msx125

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