CIMM 2021 Saturday Practice Race – Honda Grom

CIMM 2021 Saturday Practice Race – Honda Grom

Central Illinois Mini Moto (CIMM) mock race during a track day to get ready for the upcoming season. Had a great time riding with these guys. I learn a lot chasing them around.

The race wasn’t perfect but my goal was to see finish line. I recently installed new suspension and tires, so this was a great opportunity to see what changed from last year. The bike feels much more planted with the new suspension. I’m running RacingBros front fork kit and an Ohlins shock for the rear.

The tires I’m using are the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso Scooter SC tires. I had Pirelli tires last season too, so I can make a direct comparison. The new tire is a race tire. The old ones were scooter tires (and not particularly great, either). The profile of the new tire is much thinner. The tires are thinner now and have a sharper profile. Previous Pirelli SC tires were 120 front, and 130 rear. It has been reduced to 100 and 120, respectively. A thinner tire turns faster. The difference was huge. Lots of confidence thanks to my new setup.

I can’t tell which makes a more significant improvement, the tires or suspension. Either way, my lap times were much better and I learned a lot about the track.

Next month, May 8th 2021, there will be a 4 hour endurance race. I’m partnering up again with my good friend Dave Lacavich. We ended up on the podium last time out. Hope we can fight at the front again! It’ll be tough, since we are racing in the larger F3 class, but we are always up for a challenge!