Honda Ruckus – Sequential Front Turn Signals Install

Honda Ruckus – Sequential Front Turn Signals Install

When I purchased my Honda Grom fender for the Ruckus, I also decided to replace the battery box. At one point in the past, I had messed up the paint a bit on the box, so I just bit the bullet and purchased a new one that matches the color of the fender. One issue that arises from that though, is my current turn signals were mounted in the original battery box. So I also used this opportunity to relocate (so people can actually see my blinkers) and install better looking sequential turn signals.

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Parts list:

LED Blinker Relay –
Blinker Set –

Front Battery Box –
Rear Battery Box –
Honda Grom Fender –
Grom Fender Brackets –

0:00​ Intro
2:09 Battery Box Removal
2:54 Drilling Blinker Mounting Holes
3:08 Identifying Blinker Wiring

4:03 Prepping New Blinkers
7:06 Mounting New Blinkers
7:36 Wiring In New Blinkers
8:23 Adjusting Blink Rate
9:37 Installing New Battery Box
10:15 Wrap Up


Filming equipment I use:
Camera –

Microphone –
Camera slider –
Lighting –
RGB Light –
GoPro –


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