Honda Grom MSX125 Battery Install and will it tow?

Honda Grom MSX125 Battery Install and will it tow?

How to Install a Lithium Ion Battery from Amazon into Honda Grom MSX125

Welcome to Episode 3 where Yoshi gets a new battery and we see if the little Honda Grom will run and possibly tow 2 people.

In the last episode, we showed you how to install the new ignition lock and seat lock and reassemble the Honda Grom msx 125cc. In this episode, we install a new Lithium-Ion battery bought from Amazon, finish buttoning up the motorbike, and take it for a test run. I also attempted to tow with the Honda Grom and surprisingly, it did very well.

Here is the link for the MMG Lithium Motorcycle Battery YTZ5S Replacement for Honda Grom MSX125 and Kawasaki Z125 (MMG1)

Stay tuned for the next episode where we show you how to replace a stuck gas cap due to a lost key and announce the super secret surprise!

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